Anvil Hack II is a student run hackathon focused on the creative applications of technology (this is not a prototyping session for your new startup!) taking place at a centre of creative computing research - Goldsmiths University of London

Use your skills to make something wonderful, arty, musical, or just plain old awesome. We'll provide you with food, drink, electricity and WiFi, so that you can get on with the real work - making cool things!

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Gold Anvil

Rare Hacksmiths Sticker (10)

All projects chosen by our judges will be given a super rare extremely valuable vinyl sticker

The most creative use of chirps api will win a raspberry pi for each member of their team

Degenrationit Blog Post (2)

The best blog post on will get a Rasperry Pi 3 for each member of their team.


The best project that incorporates machine learning will win drones for each of their team

Spotify (8)

Best music hack - Prize: 6 months Spotify Premium / One of 8 Gramofons.


A leap motion for Improbables fav hack.


The best hack with a .tech domain wins a $50 amazon voucher for each member of their team

Amazon Web Services

Best hack using AWS.

Every hackathon participant gets $100 free AWS credit, and the winners will each receive a hard drive.

GitHub Developer Tool

Build the best developer tool to win.

Each member of the winning team will win a cute Octocat figurine.

Best domain

Use your free domain in your project. Use the best domain to win. We're after funny, witty or clever names!

Each member of the winning team will win SparkFun RedBoard.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Our Hackathon is amined at students, but anyone can enter.


Make sure you link to your degeration it blog post in your write up

How to enter

Register on the Eventbrite, turn up, follow the rules, make something cool in 24 hours.




Hugh Rawlinson

Hugh Rawlinson

Joe Nash

Joe Nash

John Britton

John Britton

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Fun

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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